The 4 dimensional manager 



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Auteur:  Julie Straw
Paperback: 158 pagina’s
ISBN: 1-57675-135X

The 4-dimensional manager provides fascinating insights into individual work styles, practical suggestions, checklists en planners, an research-bases DiSC discovery tool.

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The 4 dimensional manager – Julie Straw

Manager : “We have a problem here.”
Person 1: “Let’s find a quick solution.”
Person 2: “I know just how we can solve this problem by working together.”
Person 3: “I need to think about the problem before I can offer you a solution.”
Person 4: “I’m going to considere this problem from every angle.”

Asked to solve the same problem, four people responded four different ways.

If you were their manager, your challenge would be to help each individual find an effective, timely solution to the problem. Most managers would do what comes naturally and use the managerial style that is their “first dimension”. This will work some of the time-but not all the time.


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