Flyer Recognition with Style (DISC) 


(Engelse vertaling Herkenning met Stijl)
Human behaviour can be observed, and you can learn to recognise the personal style of people.

People differ from each other and that is beautiful, as it makes our daily life colourful. By learning to understand why, and recognising how people differ from one another, you can increase your own understanding of behaviourisms.


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Flyer recognition with style (DISC)

This flyer is part of a series on this subject, and gives practical examples of how you can learn to recognise the different temperaments of people in your environment. This is the first step to understanding, learning and bridging gaps.

Learn more about:
– The Quote
– Non-verbal behaviour
– Verbal behaviour
– Behaviour at the office
– Etc.

Size: 70 x 150 mm, 20 pages
De flyer is a coproduction between The Lente Company en Q4 Profiles specialist in online behaviour analyses.


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